Terms & Conditions


All orders placed with Ollianna Cakes & Bakes are subject to the following terms and conditions.


Bookings and payment

A non-refundable booking fee of £100 is required to secure each wedding booking (£20 non wedding orders).  Bookings are not transferable.

The remaining balance is payable one month prior to delivery/collection for weddings orders and one week prior to collection for collection/delivery of all other orders.

Payment of the booking fee confirms your acceptance of the details on your booking form as correct at the time of issue, and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Booking fees can be accepted by bank transfer, in cash, or by cheque made payable to ‘Ollianna Cakes & Bakes’.  Bookings made by cheque will not be confirmed in the diary until cleared.

Your order can only be confirmed and booked in the diary when the booking fee has been received, however Ollianna Cakes & Bakes operates on a first come first served basis so your date cannot be held for longer than 48 hours after your inital quote has been recieved.  If you wish to pay your booking fee after the 48 hours has passed you must check the date is still available before paying. 


Naked, Semi Naked and buttercream covered cakes

Booking fees for naked, semi naked and buttercream cakes is £50 and are non-refundable. Consultations and tasting boxes are not included within a quote for these cakes unless specifically requested. Consultations cost £20 and a tasting box is £25 each and will be added to the balance of the cake for those who want to add either to an order. 

All other terms and conditions apply.


Collection and delivery

Collection of all cakes is free, but delivery and set up at the venue is highly recommended for all wedding orders.  Ollianna Cakes & Bakes take no responsibility for damage to wedding orders that are collected once they have been signed for and leave the premises on which they are baked and decorated.

Delivery and set up of wedding orders is included in the total cost detailed in the booking form.

For deliveries to venues you must confirm that someone will be available at the venue to accept delivery at an agreed time and that the location to set up is ready.  A signature will be required upon delivery/set up to confirm the cake has been received in good condition.

Ollianna Cakes & Bakes is not liable for any damage to the order once delivery and set up is complete and the order has been signed for.  Ollianna Cakes & Bakes takes no responsibility for cakes that are moved by staff at the venue once the cake has been delivered and set up.  Photographs will be taken at the time of delivery to provide evidence of the condition and position of the cake when set up.


Consumption of the cake

Your cakes are baked fresh and decorated in the days prior to your wedding/event, therefore cakes are usually best consumed in the first 48 hours after delivery.  Cake freezes extremely well, so any leftover cake can be frozen as soon as possible and kept in the freezer for up to three months. Cakes being frozen should be well wrapped in cling film.  



If payment is late completion of the order is not guaranteed and will be subject to availability.

Ollianna Cakes & Bakes accept no responsibility for any loss caused, or for non-delivery, in the event of non-payment or late payment.

Customers should contact Ollianna Cakes & Bakes immediately if there is an issue, or expected issue, with payment.


Amendments and cancellations

Your order details are very important, therefore please ensure you take the time to check over the booking form carefully and inform Ollianna Cakes & Bakes as soon as possible if any changes are required.  If any circumstances arise that mean Ollianna Cakes & Bakes cannot complete the cake to the design agreed (for example if an item required for the cake is delayed), you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss this.  Where Ollianna Cakes & Bakes have taken all reasonable steps to avoid problems arising, the customer will not hold Ollianna Cake & Bakes liable for such changes.

Any amendments need to be made prior to the remaining balance being paid.  It may not be possible to make amendments after this time.

Ollianna Cakes & Bakes reserve the right to amend the quote should the amendments to the design in turn affect the time and materials required.

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel your order, please make contact as soon as possible. 

Your booking fee is not refundable and is a payment made to cover the cost of work carried out in advance of the final balance. The final balance covers the remaining work to complete your order. 

Cancellations made after the remaining balance has been paid may be subject to 100% of the full order cost and is at the discretion of Ollianna Cakes & Bakes.

Ollianna Cakes & Bakes makes every effort to complete all cakes on time to the highest standard.  In the event that a cake cannot be completed due to sickness, family bereavement, or other issue out of the control of Ollianna Cakes & Bakes, you will be refunded in full. However, please note that in these cases Ollianna Cakes & Bakes will always try to outsource the cake to another highly skilled to complete the cake.  A refund under these circumstances would be the very last resort

All bookings with Ollianna Cakes & Bakes are not transferable.



There will be rare times when an order received may not be to the expectations/satisfaction of the customer.

In the unfortunate event that you are not happy with your order, and it does not meet the details as agreed between Ollianna Cakes & Bakes and you as the customer within the booking form, you should express this at the point of collection/delivery to the issue to be rectified where possible.

If it is not possible to raise issues immediately (for example you have not collected/taken delivery of the cake yourself) you must inform Ollianna Cakes & Bakes at the earliest possible opportunity to allow ot to be put right/agree a way forward.

As the customer, please allow Ollianna Cakes & Bakes the opportunity to put right anything that is found to be wrong with the order if it is at all possible.

Any refunds/discounts made for issues that cannot be rectified are solely at the discretion of Ollianna Cakes and Bakes.


Cake Stand Hire

Cake stand hire is available at a cost of £20 per stand per hire and is available for cakes being delivered and set up only.  A security deposit of £50 is required to guard against loss or damage of the stand during the hire.  Cake stands will be set up at the same time as delivery and set up of the cake.  Suitable boxing and packaging will be provided for the stand to be packed away of the end of the night.  The stand must be packed securely and kept in a safe place.  The client is required to return the stand on or before the fifth day of hire (for example by Tuesday following a Friday wedding, or Wednesday following a Saturday etc).  The client may designate another responsible guest or family member to take care of and return the stand.  The security deposit will be returned once the stand has been received and confirmed to be in the same condition as delivery. Ollianna Cakes & Bakes reserve the right to retain some or all of the deposit if the stand is damaged, lost or not returned by the agreed dates as stated above.



Please note all cakes produced at Ollianna Cakes & Bakes are produced in a kitchen which also handles allergen containing produce, such as gluten and nuts. While every effort will be made to reduce and eliminate the risk of cross contamination, this cannot be guaranteed.  Please speak to Ollianna Cakes & Bakes as soon as possible if you have specific requirements. Ollianna Cakes & Bakes is not a certified allergen free kitchen and orders should not be made if an allergen free kitchen is necessary.

Orders are taken on the basis that clients understand this.



Any photographs taken by Ollianna Cake & Bakes remain the sole property of Ollianna Cakes & Bakes, and any sharing of photos should be done only with the written consent of Ollianna Cakes & Bakes, and credit must always be given to Ollianna Cakes & Bakes. By ordering from Ollianna Cakes & Bakes, you understand your cake will be potographed and used for the purposes of marketing and promotion.


Privacy Policy

A copy of the privacy policy can be viewed by visiting the cotact page and clicking "Privacy Policy".


Please note these Terms & Conditions take effect from 11th May 2020. Orders taken before this date are subject to the previous terms and conditions which are available on request.